Employers! We've a Great VDU Frames Offer for You And Your Staff!

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March 24, 2021
Working from home comes with many benefits, but one unfortunate side effect is that it is leading to increased screen usage, and often in environments that haven't been optimized for working for long periods. When you add mask usage to this, we've seen an explosion in people coming to see us because they're experiencing "tired" or "gritty" eyes.

What they're experiencing is "Digital Eye Strain". Overuse of screens and blue screen technology means we don't blink as much as we should. Masks accentuate this as you're often breathing air directly into your own eyes. All in all it's a recipe for optical disaster. The good news is that we have the optical solution for employers and employees!

We've launched a new VDU frames service for employers and employees which is extremely competitive and convenient. Our service will see employees get eye tests, fashionable VDU frames and lenses which incorporate "Blue Control" technology to mitigate against all that screen usage. Blue control is the secret sauce to keeping your strained eyes healthy. It reduces the harmful blue light and gets you blinking again! Employees can save up to €105 per pair of frames with our offer!

When you add this service to our already very popular Corporate Workplace Testing service (onsite, full and free), Crowleys can be your one stop shop for all your employees optical needs.

Contact Paul McSherry on 087 7858 476 or paul@crowleysopticians.com for more info!
Paul McSherry, Director
paul@crowleysopticians.com, (087) 785-8476