WineLab - Corporate Christmas Gifts

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November 08, 2022

WineLab is a small independent Irish business founded in 2013. Our founders are Ronan Farrell, a graduate of the UC Davis Winemaking Certificate Programme with 15 years experience in the Irish wine trade and Richie Byrne, a draught technical services manager with over 20 years experience in Ireland.

WineLab is the other kind of drinks company and specialises in Wine on Tap. A greener, economical and more efficient solution for hospitality outlets who want to serve great wine - but not at a cost to the environment, themselves or their customers. WineLab works directly with wine suppliers around the world and imports everything themselves. In addition to the keg wines, we have a thoughtfully selected portfolio of bottles. 

For businesses looking to gift their team, clients and anyone else who deserves acknowledgment, WineLab will make the gifting process simple and hassle free with their selection of wine gift packs.

Starting from as low as 19.00 (ex. VAT) for our twin packs, WineLab will be able to provide the wine gift pack that works best for your business. 

To see WineLab's corporate gifting pricelist, contact

Learn more about WineLab on our website:

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